Upcoming Dev

We’re receiving a lot of questions regarding future updates of the app.

We can now confirm that you will soon (June, 2018) be able to accept VOIP (voice calls) on TIMON. This means you will be able to talk to users through the app, without them having your phone number. This will work in the same way as making calls on Whatsapp.

The rate you will earn for VOIP calls will be the same as your text chat rate, except it will be for only 4 minutes.

So if your current rate is R50 every 6 minutes of TIMON text chat, you will now get R50 for every 4 minutes of VOIP voice chat. So if someone calls you on TIMON, you would then earn R50 for every 4 minutes that go by during your voice call.

When the VOIP chat request comes in, you will be able to delay the start of the call, to ensure total convenience for you. So if you know you can only take the call in 30 minutes time, then you’ll click ‘delay for 30 minutes’. If the user is happy with the delay, they can accept and a countdown will start until the call begins.

If Gurus are not able to talk, but are available to text chat, they will be able to request the user changes to text.


This is a natural next step for professionals who are struggling to handle the tidal wave of emails and Whatsapp, Tweets etc. So many people trying to ‘pick your brain’ for no reward. Let them know you are available anytime that suits them on TIMON.

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